6th Innovation Award is for Vandersanden Group

News overview

By highlighting successful innovations originating from their own region, Voka Limburg aims to inspire companies and organizations and furthermore encourage them to reflect upon their products and services, thus stimulating them to innovate. With this award, Vandersanden Group follows in the footsteps of Visys, Melotte, Z-Group and Bio-racer.

Brick Solutions

Over the past years, Vandersanden Group has majorly invested in innovation, setting up a separate Brick Solutions department. With Zero they have introduced joint-free brickwork and their E-Brick or E-Board systems have contributed significantly to outside wall insulation. This Innovation Award was presented to them for their last innovation, Signa. The system consists of panels that are clad with sustainable brick slips, in all possible patterns. The brick slips are available in the entire Vandersanden Group colour range. Architects now have unparalleled freedom to design the most creative brick patterns possible. Maarten Leën, Business Development Manager, proudly received the award on behalf of Vandersanden Group: “We are extremely happy with the Innovation Award. It's an amazing recognition for Vandersanden Group, above all as our sector relates to classic products. It is always very important to think of innovative products, to dare invest in innovation and as a result, to create jobs. This award serves as an encouragement for us to continue along this path.”

This is the 2nd award Vandersanden Group has earned with Signa. Earlier this year we were presented with the Golden A’ Design Award in Como (Italy).