Façade renovation and insulation all-in-one

The clever 2-in-1 solution

Insulate and finish your exterior walls in one single action with E-Board

Result: Your home is energy-efficient with a brand-new brick exterior, all-in-one

The ultimate total package, delivered straight to your building site

The E-Board package consists of high-performance insulation panels, brick slips, plugs, adhesive mortar and accessories.

Unique snap-in connection

The tongue-and-groove system with hook-and-butt joint ensures perfect alignment.

The brick slips are always fitted correctly and quickly

Easy to ensure that the slips are attached in a straight line, thanks to the horizontal ridges

Moulded insulation panels

Thanks to their unique composition, the moulded E-Board insulation panels are 100% waterproof yet vapour permeable.

One fully-sealed insulation shell

The V-notch surrounding the panels is filled with waterproof adhesive mortar. The panels are glued together with PU adhesive.

Semi-circular groove

A semi-circular groove in the unique tongue guarantees that every single droplet that still manages to penetrate, is removed.

Extremely good lambda value

The E-Board insulation is a specially designed EPS HR. This has a low lambda value of λ = 0.031 W/mK.

Stable, waterproof and ecological

The insulation panel is stable and waterproof. The fitted system displays no movement. EPS HR is the most ecological plastic insulation material.

Unlimited choice of insulation thickness

You can choose an insulation thickness of 40 to 300 mm.

Select your brick slips

You have an unlimited choice from all colours and sizes of Vandersanden bricks.

With or without joints

Create a joint-free façade using the flat rear side of the E-Board insulation panel.

Brick slips, corner slips and sole slips

In all colours and sizes. Slips are 2 cm thick slices of original facing bricks, with the same quality appearance.

Have it fitted

Would you prefer to have your E-Board fitted? Contact a trusted contractor in your area or contact us.
The E-Board DIY kit is delivered directly to your building site. The tongue and groove system with hook-and-butt joint connection allows you to install the panels yourself, easily, quickly and correctly. Or have them installed. You can then fit the brick slips. Adhesive and screws are included.

How do I install E-Board?

Install the E-Board exterior wall insulation and brick slips yourself in 6 steps.

How to install E-Board

Yes, I would like to insulate and renovate my façade myself. This can be done in 6 simple steps and with a complete DIY kit for façade renovation and new-build, delivered to your building site. Thanks to the unique combination of a tongue-and-groove system with hook-and-butt joint, you can fit the insulation panels yourself, it’s easy and will look professional. You can then start applying the brick slips.