How to fit

How do I install E-Board?

Install the E-Board exterior wall insulation and brick slips yourself in 6 steps.

Step-by-step plan

E-Board has been specially designed for contractors and handy home improvers. The DIY kit with insulation panels, facing brick slips, adhesive and screws is supplied to your building site. The kit also comes with detailed installation instructions and the necessary documents to obtain subsidies and certificates for your façade renovation. In just 6 quick, easy steps you can install the insulation panels and brick slips. Do it yourself, or with the help of a contractor in your area. Download the E-Board installation instructions

Step 1

Apply adhesive to the insulation panel

Step 2

Drill holes

Step 3

Tap in the nail plugs

Step 4

Comb the adhesive

Step 5

Apply the brick slips

Step 6