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News overview

Vandersanden to become main shareholder of ceramic specialities factory St. Joris
St. Joris Keramische Industrie is Europe's largest manufacturer of ceramic glazed bricks. In order to guarantee the future plans of the company, St. Joris looked into linking up with a partner with sufficient means and market power, and this is why Vandersanden Group came into the picture.
Vandersanden Group announced its acquisition of its Northern Germany industry partner Ziegelwerk Blomesche Wildnis today. Ziegelwerk Blomesche Wildnis shares the familial roots of Vandersanden and has been committed to craftsmanship and sustainability for generations.
Strong trio achieves significant CO2 reduction in transport of clay

Brauer Grondverzet & Transport, Vandersanden and Shell have joined forces to make the transport of clay from Germany to Kessel more sustainable.  The initiative was the brainchild of Brauer Grondverzet & Transport. As managing director Michel Sabella explains, "We had to replace two dump trucks, and wanted to take this opportunity to switch to LNG trucks. We can't do this alone, we need the support of Vandersanden and Shell."


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