Size Dimension
205 x 50 x 85 mm (WS) ± 205x50x85 mm | 96/m²
204 x 66 x 85 mm (TS) ± 205x67x85 mm | 70/m²
205 x 99 x 70 mm (TS70) z/vk ± 205x99x70 mm | 48/m²
205 x 98 x 80 mm (TS80) z/vk ± 205x98x80 mm | 48/m²
205 x 99 x 80 mm (TS80) m/vk ± 205x99x80 mm | 48/m²
z/vk: without chamfered edge
m/vk: with chamfered edge

Quality requirements

The colour and quality of pavers are determined by a combination of the clay formula and the firing process. During production we apply mixtures of alluvial clay, Westerwald clay and Eifel clay.

Pavers are fired at a temperature of approximately 1150 °C and meet the highest quality standards.

The different hallmarks, including the Dutch KOMO certificate and the European CE marking, guarantee a consistently high quality.