Get inspired by our beautiful realisations and our future builders. Discover the new Vandersanden.

Uw zelf gecreëerde baksteenpatroon op weervaste Rockpanel®

Als architect kunt u nu virtuoos schuiven met reliëf, kleur, formaat en metselverband. En dat zelfs bij projecten waar een baksteenafwerking in eerste instantie onhaalbaar leek.

Grenzeloze gevelmogelijkheden

elke kleur | elk formaat | elk reliëf
elk metselverband | elke combinatie


Op basis van enkele variabelen zijn miljoenen patronen uit te denken. De mogelijke zaaglijnen zorgen zelfs voor variatie in reliëf.


What is Signa?

Signa consists of a weather-resistant Rockpanel® onto which a composition - possibly designed by you - of Vandersanden brick slips is adhesively bonded. The panels are produced for you ready-to-use. In this way you can give your projects a unique and striking look.

Millions of Possibilities

Signa stands for... brick freedom. Even the most striking facades can become a reality. Vandersanden produces what you create. On the basis of 4 variables millions of patterns are conceivable.  From design to implementation: we are delighted to assist you with tips and advice.


You choose and combine from the full Vandersanden line. We offer you a range of more than 100 colours, expanded by the 4 surface textures:
hand-moulded, formback, water-struck and aged.


As a basis you can use the stretcher, header and slip of five Vandersanden brick formats:

  • M50 ± 190 x 90 x 50 mm
  • WF ± 210 x 100 x 50 mm
  • M65 ± 190 x 90 x 65 mm
  • DF ± 210 x 100 x 65 mm
  • NF ± 240 x 115 x 70 mm


We can cut slips of various thicknesses for the stretcher, the header and the sole. You choose a straight or diagonal cutting line. Moreover, several parts can be used from one and the same brick.

You do not have to limit yourself to just a single cutting line. By combining several cutting lines you create an intense composition with a varying relief that is full of character.


You can apply the familiar brickwork bonds such as half-brick, English bond or irregular bond. Combinations of these brickwork  bonds are achievable. Horizontal, vertical and even diagonal brick sections are amongst the possibilities. This is feasible because Signa is not  laid but adhesively bonded, thus offering greater freedom.

For more technical characteristics, installation and examples you can download the Signa brochure or you can contact us.


For more info, contact us

tel.: (+32) 089 56 02 64
or e-mail: bricksolutions@vandersanden.com

Vandersanden Group
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